Tiffany Bevacqua, Office Manager

Tiffany Bevacqua, Office Manager, is a native to Fulton she has always been passionate about helping people anyway that she can.
She has an extensive background in medical billing, workers compensation, and administrative work as well as leadership.

She loves working in the mental health field and hopes to continue helping as much as possible.

Kelly Burdick, Billing Manager

Kelly Burdick is the Billing Manager at Counseling & Healing Arts of Oswego County.  She has been here since before we opened the doors to our community. Most likely, you have never seen her and probably do not know her. That is because she is usually behind the scenes working hard at making the business run smoothly. Earlier in her career, she mostly worked in medical billing at various doctors’ offices around Oswego County. Since working at CHA, she has since transitioned to the mental health side of billing.

Her favorite quote is, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Sharon Vollmer, Receptionist

Sharon has been with us for about 2 years.  She retired from the Oswego City School after working for them for 36 years, the last 16 were at the High School Counseling Office as one of the secretaries.  Sharon always goes above and beyond and is very reliable, she is always willing to help anyone as much as she can.  

Becky Lloyd, Studio Manager

Becky Lloyd oversees the Healing Arts Studio, located on our 3rd floor. She not only manages the space, but she also teaches many yoga classes throughout the week and organizes workshops & special events every month. In addition to yoga, Becky performs weekly Reiki sessions helping others to heal. Reiki is a form of restorative energy work that encourages emotional and physical healing of the person receiving. If you would like to learn more about Becky and/or the studio, click here!